What is one of the consumer’s main issues when purchasing imported products online or from large-scale retailers?

The answer is simple: after-sales service and assistance are often hard to reach or simply don’t exist. You may happen to buy an extremely convenient product in terms of quality-price ratio, but might have to throw it away after just a few years because you cannot have it serviced or because spare parts are nowhere to be found. What are the consequences? Having to throw away a product for which you paid and that you could have kept using. Is it possible to find someone that can repair these products? Maybe, but even so, this would still not solve the spare parts problem.

Where do we get our strength? What makes us stand out compared to others?

The service we offer!

We can offer all the available spare parts for the products in our range, as well as a professional, organised and speedy assistance services.

But there’s more. We can ship the necessary spare parts to your house or to your local mechanic and we can pick up your product to service it under warranty.

So, choosing a GeoTech product means:

  • You can easily get spare parts whenever you need them
  • You’ll get after-sales service for any technical issue you may have
  • We’ll collect your products that need fixing
  • You’ll get warranty coverage for 2 years
  • You can rely on a workshop staff that is very familiar with the product and can perform fast and effective repairs

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